FOOT MASTER® Extra-Heavy Duty Caster GF
  • Cast iron bracket with PU or MC Nylon tread
  • 4~10 inch
  • Load Capacity: 650~1300 kg
  • Suitable for aerospace industry, AGV handling, automobile production lines, etc.
Dia.*Width 200mm
Wheel/Housing Material PU(Shore A95)
Load Capacity 850kg
Size of Plate GF-200-BSF-MUD-SIL
Bolt Hold Spacing GF-200-ARF-MUD-SIL
Mounting Bolt Dia. GF-200-BRF-MUD-SIL
Bolt Length Carbon steel/silver powder coating
Height 64mm
Rotation Radius 257mm
Bearing Type 57mm
FOOT MASTER® Extra-Heavy Duty Caster GF

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