Semiconductor Factory

The semiconductor industry is one of the important industries in Taiwan. AGV/AMR with automation and mobile functions can improve production efficiency, such as wafer box handling, loading and unloading delivery. With years of experience in the application of industrial casters, Hickwall Tech’s optimized Mecanum wheels and AGV/AMR special wheels provide general selection and customized designs, and are compatible with various brands of unmanned vehicles to achieve perfect operation.

Hickwall Tech offers a variety of Mecanum wheels and AGV/AMR special wheels, providing optimal solutions for the semiconductor industry:

Mecanum Wheels: These wheels allow for omnidirectional movement, meaning they can move not only forward and backward but also sideways without changing their orientation. This makes them ideal for navigating the tight spaces and intricate pathways often found in semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

AGV/AMR Special Wheels: Hickwall Tech's specially designed wheels for AGVs and AMRs offer high load capacity, excellent traction, and precise movement control. These features make them ideal for transporting delicate semiconductor components safely and efficiently.
Semiconductor Factory

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