FOOT MASTER® Shock Absorbing Caster GSST
  • With special rubber material, GSST series is the best solution to absorb shock and vibration.
  • Shield fragile components ( e.g. semiconductor and wafer) from damaging impacts during transport.
  • Can help reduce noise and damage to parts in transit.
  • Have superior shock absorbing properties over Spring-loaded Casters.
Dia.*Width 150mm
Wheel/Housing Material PU(Shore A95)
Load Capacity 400kg
Size of Plate GSST-150-BSF-HUD
Bolt Hold Spacing GSST-150-ARF-HUD
Bolt Length Aluminum Alloy/Powder Coating
Height 40mm
Rotation Radius 232-30mm
Bearing Type 46~61mm
FOOT MASTER® Shock Absorbing Caster GSST

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