What appears to be flat ground may not actually be flat. AGVs are generally equipped with 4 casters, but it often happens that one of the casters becomes separated from the uneven ground. During steering, the casters separate from the ground and then suddenly contact the ground, which will be inconsistent with the way the AGV travels, resulting in loss of balance. Therefore, the AGV will deviate from its normal driving position and stop instantly. The GASD series provides a solution to this phenomenon.

The advantage of the GASD series with shock-absorbing function is that the special rubber used in the series is different from ordinary steel springs and can absorb repeated subtle vibrations when moving on uneven ground.

The GASD series uses special rubber to provide 10mm of shock-absorbing compression space. Under the 10mm shock-absorbing compression space, the AGV can always run close to the ground, thus significantly reducing the possibility of the AGV stopping instantaneously due to vibration when changing directions.

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