Shock Absorbing Caster -GSST Series

Applying special rubber shock absorbers is the best solution to absorb shock and vibration.
Using special rubber shock-absorbing casters that absorb tiny vibrations, vibration-sensitive products such as semiconductors and chips can be protected during movement. It can also prevent the casters from leaving the ground during towing, reducing friction noise and natural noise.

① Reduce noise
FOOT MASTER® shock-absorbing wheels use special rubber that absorbs shock. This special rubber eliminates vibrations transmitted from the metal during movement. Less noise than coil springs make the shock absorbing casters much better.

② Protection from external impact
Small vibrations caused by movement of products such as semiconductors and chips can cause fatal defects. As shown in the picture above, special rubber shock absorption using FOOT MASTER® technology will absorb impacts like a sponge, thereby greatly reducing external impacts caused by uneven floors and preventing product damage.

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