AGV Casters / AMR Casters

Heavy Duty AGV/AMR Caster (Offset Optimization) GAGD Series

AGVs with high loads are difficult to change directions. When the AGV turns, it will turn around the wheels.
Therefore, when turning, the AGV casters will shake due to the size of the eccentricity. The higher the load, the more obvious the shaking phenomenon, so the AGV will deviate from the normal driving path. The GAGD series can withstand high loads. In order to prevent the AGV from suddenly stopping when turning, an excellent solution with a smaller eccentricity than ordinary casters is provided.

In order to improve steering smoothness under high load conditions, the GAGD series uses 2 types of bearing structures. It can ensure the durability of AGV for long-term operation under high load conditions.

As the load increases, the AGV operation will become more and more sluggish, so in order to be able to move forward, backward, and turn softly with minimal force, a twin-wheel structure is necessary. The high-performance and high-elastic polyurethane wheels used in the GAGD series can meet the above conditions.

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