Mecanum Wheel

8 Mecanum Wheels

HICKWALL continuously improves and upgrades the Mecanum wheel's lifespan, structural strength and vibration values. We have equipment specially used to test the endurance of Mecanum wheel, and use multiple grades of materials applying different sizes Mecanum wheel, combined with the most stringent testing conditions, to improve the Mecanum wheels to their ideal state. Our biggest advantage is to extend the endurance of our products and ensure that the vehicle will not cause any problems due to insufficient strength and excessive vibration when driving.

Mecanum Wheel consists of a series of rollers obliquely attached to the circumference of the wheel rim. When Mecanum wheel spins, the propelling force is generated only in the direction of the roller axis. Thus, by commanding the wheels to spin in various combinations of directions, the vehicle can move omnidirectionally and in any direction at any time. With Mecanum wheels, you can maneuver reliably, even with heavy loads. Such kinematic characteristics makes Mecanum wheel a popular element for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

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