FOOT MASTER® is a Korean caster manufacturer. FOOT MASTER® provides a variety of caster options suitable for various environments. HICKWALL has become the general agent of FOOT MASTER® in Taiwan since 2022, whether it is AGV/AMR customized wheel and caster, shock-absorbing caster, or heavy-duty caster, all of products are high quality assurance. FOOT MASTER® has rich experiences in the industry to provide customers with information for caster selection.

FOOT MASTER® casters are widely used in major technology companies, such as Samsung Electronics and LG. Specializes in over head hoist transfer (OHT), automated guided vehicles (AMR), autonomous mobile robots (AMR), and complies with the relevant standards of clean rooms and semiconductor fabrication plant (FAB). All Foot Master® original products also comply with ROHS & REACH international standards, which can ensure perfect quality and meet the demand of customers.

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