FOOT MASTER®Leveling Caster GDN/GD Series

Leveling caster is a caster combined with leveling feet. This technical caster perfectly save working time of equipment height adjusting. The anti-vibration rubber at the bottom can keep the equipment stable. FOOT MASTER® leveling caster with high quality is the best solution.

Hickwall is pleased to announce the arrival of its revolutionary Leveling Caster. This top-of-the-line caster is perfect for operators who demand a high degree of precision and reliability. Its robust base allows it to accommodate heavy loads with relative ease, and its low-friction base ensures smooth operation in all kinds of terrains. What’s more, its unique design allows it to level itself in seconds, allowing operators to quickly and accurately set up their caster without having to manually adjust it. This makes it the perfect choice for any situation where exact levels are required.

We are confident that Hickwall’s Leveling Caster will quickly become the industry standard for precision and reliability. Worldwide agents can now purchase this top-of-the-line caster from our website. With our competitive prices and dedication to customer service, you won’t regret making Hickwall’s Leveling Caster your go-to choice.

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