AGV Casters / AMR Casters

Heavy Duty AGV/AMR Caster (Tilting Feature) GATD Series

The GATD series has a balanceable structure. The wheel axle can tilt freely according to the flatness of the ground within a range of ±5° from the central axis. The freedom of the wheel axle allows the casters to remain close to the ground, thereby reducing the shaking caused by the AGV turning, maintaining stable operation, and protecting the loaded transport items.

Different from the general two-wheel structure, the GATD series has a structure with a large distance between the two wheels. When the two wheels rotate in the direction of the AGV, the two wheels will rotate in opposite directions within a certain range. After reaching a specific orientation, they will start to rotate in the same direction. Reducing the eccentric distance is called the self-compensation effect. The GATD series has a better self-compensation effect than ordinary two-wheelers, which can prevent the AGV from leaving the driving path.

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