AGV Drive Wheel / AMR Drive Wheel


AGV/AMR Drive Wheel(Keyway)
  • Application:
  • 1. Port Logistic
  • 2. Air-cargo Logistic
  • 3. Mining Logistic
  • 4. High-speed Running Drive Wheel
  • 5. AGV System
  • 6. Electric Towing Equipments
  • 7. Vehicle Industrial Assembly Line
  • 8. Electric Pallet Truck
  • 9. V-groove Wheel for Warehouse Logistic
  • 10. Light Duty AGV Drive Wheel
  • 11. Cleaning Equipments
Diameter 200mm
Width 50mm
Load Capacity 500kg
DN# 5
Material Polyurethane93 ShoreA
Pattern Embossment+Herringbone
Core Material/Color Cast iron/Silver coated
Keyway Shaft Size 25mm
Keyway Width 8mm
Keyway Length 28.3mm
AGV/AMR Drive Wheel(Keyway)

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